Prepaid solutions for rewards, incentives, disbursements and gift cards

Serving both business and financial institutions, FIS® Prepaid Solutions help you simplify business operations and offer an array of payment solutions. Our single-load options include gift, corporate gift, incentive, mall and rebate cards. Reloadable products are also available, including general purpose, benefits, government disbursement, healthcare, incentive, payroll, remittance, teen/family and travel.

Our custom and packaged programs include account management, card production and personalization, inventory management, customized distribution, transaction processing, fraud prevention, funds settlement, customer service, dispute processing and detailed reporting.

Turnkey meets unparalleled flexibility

Approve spend down to the UPC level, assign multiple benefits types or add your own categories and merchants.

Safety, convenience and easy access

Offer a payment solution that’s safer than cash, more convenient than checks and easier to obtain than a credit or debit card.

Brand extension

Reinforce your unique image by placing your corporate identity in the hands and wallets of consumers and business users.

An array of prepaid solutions

Select single-load or reloadable products that offer a convenient way to access funds, make purchases and complete payments.

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Insights for prepaid cards

Limitless possibilities

Combine the convenience and acceptance of debit cards with the simplicity of cash to simplify your business operations and meet customer need.

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More products for you

Payments One Credit Suite

Step up to credit card payment processing that alleviates cardholder worries about security and eliminates frustration when using their cards or redeeming rewards.

Payments One Debit Suite

Streamline and optimize your debit card management with a flexible, end-to-end platform that positions you to adapt to ongoing change.

Premium Payback

Shoppers like rewards, but they love rewards they can instantly use