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Cloud Financial Services for Cost-effective Scalability and Security

FIS® offers managed IT services for infrastructure management and software support, all built around industry-standard security protocols and using our significant investments in leading cloud technology and platforms.

Our cloud financial services solution provides an elastic, compliant and always-on environment. We partner with world-leading cloud providers to deliver an integrated managed hosting service. You gain increased productivity and lower TCO, supported by exceptional service quality.

The delivery model provides SLAs and enhanced monitoring capabilities that guarantee system performance.

How FIS Is Revolutionizing Cloud Services

Discover a cloud services solution that provides best-in-class scalability and security

Rely on Industry-leading Expertise

Benefit from our investments and experience in managing FIS applications in the cloud

Access the Latest Advancements

Enhance scalability and resilience with our next gen technology

Reduce Costs

Eliminate capital expenditure and lower your TCO

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