• FIS Enterprise Digital Mailroom

The strong, secure, compliant digital mail solution that enhances your mailroom

Incoming paper mail is slowing down your company. With FIS® Enterprise Digital Mailroom, you eliminate downstream scanning, duplication and interoffice mail by automating digitized mail distribution to recipients. This allows instant global delivery and seamless work relocation. It’s a necessary tool in supporting the remote work environment.

Capture mail in any location, transform physical to digital and process wherever it works best for you. The constraints of physical mail are gone, and the flow of digitized data drives benefits throughout your business.

Streamlined processes

Reduce manual labor and clerical work while improving quality and efficiency.

Increased responsiveness

Dramatically reduce postbox-to-inbox and customer response times.

Maximized transparency

Every piece of mail is accounted for. Consolidate audit trails and track every movement.

Optimized efficiency

Digitized mail produces metrics that enable you to manage your entire business more efficiently.

Tightened controls

Put an end to the compliance nightmares affiliated with physical mail.

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Reduce tasks from weeks to hours, from hours to minutes

With SEC regs requiring tedious manual processes and endless touch points, this institution found a better way.

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Mailroom moving at a snail’s pace?

A top-three U.S. bank put an end to all that slow opening, sorting, counting, routing, scanning and so on.

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