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The Flexible and Real-time Global Back-office Derivatives Clearing Solution

FIS UBIX is a real-time back-office derivatives clearing solution that facilitates global clearing for sell-side and buy-side firms across the financial industry.

As a global system, UBIX offers time-zone-independent automated processing to ensure that each market supported by the system can be opened or closed independently of the others. By producing end-of-market data earlier in the day, UBIX lowers operational risk and increases system availability for new trades and activity.

UBIX is based on an SOA architecture using Java and Oracle® database technologies. It offers flexibility, scalability, robust performance and openness via a full set of built-in web service APIs.

How FIS Empowers Operations and Processing

Discover a flexible and real-time global back-office derivatives clearing solution

Reach New Levels of Automation

Increase efficiency and reduce risk with automated support for derivatives clearing with straight-through processing

Reduce Your Costs

Reduce your derivatives clearing costs with clearinghouse margin generation and maintenance

Benefit from Our Scalability

A reliable, scalable modular platform that can support your business as it grows

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