FIS Transaction Cost Analyzer

Support new trade execution strategies


The Analytics Platform That Helps Improve Trade Execution Strategies

FIS® Transaction Cost Analyzer supports your trade execution strategies and provides clear analysis to help you improve your execution performance. It delivers the data, reports and measurements you need to identify trading strategy optimization for your trade routes based on historical data and custom benchmarks.

You can aggregate and normalize trade data into a comprehensive and interactive report, and measure cost and performance against industry-standard benchmarks. You can also monitor execution performance on multiple levels to find ways to improve your trading execution.

How FIS Empowers Trade Executions

Discover an analytics platform that helps optimize your trade execution process

Manage Your Data Efficiently

Amass and normalize all of your trade data into a comprehensive and interactive report

Gain Greater Visibility

Understand and measure cost and performance against industry standard benchmarks

Stay Ahead of Potential Issues

Leverage intuitive technology to detect, document and remediate potential areas of concern

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