FIS Energy Portfolio Manager

Strengthen your energy portfolio management system and add value for clients

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The Energy Trading and Portfolio Management System That Supports Smart Strategies

FIS® Energy Portfolio Manager is an energy portfolio management system that focuses on physical power, gas and emissions trading via advanced front-to-back ETRM software. Benefit from efficient energy data management, smart decision support for optimal coverage of sales, productions position on the market, asset optimization, power and gas scheduling, calculation of risk KPIs, settlements and compliance.

Execute complex price structuring policies and manage your retail portfolio to add value to your clients. Energy Portfolio Manager - Select Edition is a standardized cloud-based SaaS version of Energy Portfolio Manager, making it the perfect ETRM solution for small companies: with a quick time to market, no IT investments and the flexibility to extend the solution in the future.

How FIS Empowers Energy Trading and Portfolio Management

Discover an advanced energy portfolio management system for physical power, gas and emissions trading

Cost-effective and Secure

Manage portfolios front-to-back and quantify price risk from the procurement and sale of energy

Fast to Implement

Quickly train your team with minimal effort

Ready to Go Out-of-the-box

Start right away with a modern, preconfigured solution that’s supports standard front-to-back workflows

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