FIS Securities Lending Processing Platform

Formerly Loanet Accounting and Settlement

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Manage Your Entire Securities Lending Business

FIS® Securities Lending Processing Platform (formerly Loanet Accounting and Settlement) provides automated securities lending solutions for North American broker-dealers, custodian banks, agent lenders and other market participants.

The Securities Lending Processing Platform spans pre-trade to P&L and billing, enabling you to seamlessly manage your entire securities lending life cycle. And because the Securities Lending Processing Platform is hosted by FIS, you can also reduce your total cost of ownership.

Discover how you can grow your business, add new services and react to market changes without costly systems replacements.

How FIS Empowers Securities Lending

Consolidate your securities lending business to maximize profitability and efficiency

Reduces Errors with Automation

Increase business profitably while reducing errors with high levels of automation and scalability

Frees You to Focus on Value-add Activities

Automate trades and focus on high-value activities that have the biggest impact on revenue

Reduces Your Total Cost of Ownership

Support business growth and market changes with fully integrated products

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