Set your lending apart. Accelerate your digital transformation from end to end, so you can master the lending life cycle, minimize risk and maximize customer satisfaction.

The commercial lending conundrum

With low interest rates, high costs and mystified customers, lending is in a quandary. Solve the riddle now.

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Signs of a superior lending solution

Even in the most uncertain times, commercial lenders can stay in control. First, you need a lending platform you can trust.

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Future-proof your transformation

Lending’s digital future doesn’t start and end with workflow. See why there’s much more to the story.

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Here’s what’s next for commercial lenders

The future is uncertain, but you can still shape what happens next. Get our blueprint for a brighter outlook.

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Sustainable lending is here to stay

Learn how to manage ESG considerations in credit underwriting while continuing to optimize profitability.

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Transform lending

Commercial Lending Suite

Expand your digital channels across the entire lending life cycle with FIS Commercial Lending Suite. Our configurable platform provides a deeper understanding of your customer and an exceptional customer experience.

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Kickstart the lending journey

Commercial Loan Origination

Looking to improve service and profitability? FIS Commercial Loan Origination can help with a 360-degree view of customers, automated lending process management and integrated financial analysis and rating

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Reinvent commercial loans

Commercial Loan Servicing (formerly ACBS)

In a competitive world, you need confidence in your systems. FIS Commercial Loan Servicing provides tightly integrated functionality, business intelligence and workflow throughout the life cycle of a commercial loan.

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Improve risk insight

Credit Assessment (formerly Ambit Optimist)

Get a complete solution for credit risk. FIS Credit Assessment provides the financial analysis, business modeling and communication tools you need to build, manage and sustain profitable commercial loan relationships.

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Streamline loan operations on a single SaaS platform to better understand your customers’ needs and improve performance.


Centralize and streamline the entire loan amendment process, and help your agents, lenders and counsel increase accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs.

Loan Trading

Automate essential par or distressed loan trading desk activities with a single powerful, enterprise-scale solution.

Trade Settlement

Drive growth with a customizable straight-through solution.