Client Story

Bringing Greater Visibility to Cross-Border Payments

Empowering LVMH

Global luxury goods maker LVMH collaborated with FIS, SWIFT and six of its partner banks as part of the SWIFT gpi for Corporates pilot project, which aims to remove delays, uncertainty and lack of visibility from the cross-border payments made by multinational corporations. It was the logical extension of the payment centralization and automation project LVMH embarked on in 2010 with the FIS Trax corporate payments factory, which integrates seamlessly with SWIFT.

At a Glance

Integrating FIS’ Trax payment factory solution with SWIFT gpi to allow for same-day settlement and bring transparency to 1.5 million cross-border payments.
Today, LVMH relies on Trax to automatically assign a unique transaction reference (UETR) to each payment for easy tracking, reconciliation and reporting. The bank’s system automatically sends back MT199 and XML ISO PSR messages with detailed transaction status, including fees and FX rates. The Trax dashboard allows LVMH’s users to track payments easily without the need to raise queries with the bank, which previously took days or longer to resolve.


By bring greater transparency to the status and settlement of its cross-border payments, LVMH benefits from greater predictability and accountability within its supply chain. Trax and the SWIFT gpi integration are helping the company better manage its commercial relationships, reduce friction and control costs as it brings its luxury goods to market.


of group’s 1.5 million payments are cross-border

The advantages of implementing FIS’ Trax payment factory solution with SWIFT were significant.,,,We [also] were very keen to be part of the SWIFT gpi for Corporates pilot project,” said Laurent Dall’Aglio. “In particular, we recognized that it would offer huge benefits by improving the predictability and traceability of payments. We would also have visibility over correspondent banks, fees and the FX rates used for cross-currency payments.”
- Laurent Dall’aglio | Finance Project Manager, LVMH

SWIFT gpi is a potentially transformative industry development, but it is not taking place in isolation, as application program interfaces (APIs) offer the potential to move toward managing cash, liquidity and risk in real time. FIS and LVMH continue their work in bringing clarity and confidence to cross-border payments and are exploring the potential for future API integrations.