Transforming your accounts payable department from cost center to revenue generator

With most companies still using checks for B2B payments, annual check processing costs represent a huge expense. FIS® Integrated Payables transforms accounts payable disbursements from check to electronic payment, reducing costs, eliminating the liability of housing bank account information and reducing paper records.

By opting for our virtual card rebate program, your payment execution costs can disappear. In addition, our vendor enrollment service frees your accounts payable staff from the time-consuming task of reaching out to vendors to register them for electronic payment.

Make payment execution costs disappear

Realize monthly rebates by using our virtual card (vCard) program that requires no tiers or thresholds.

Leave vendor enrollment and management to us

Let us research your vendors’ contact information and register them for ACH and vCard conversion for you.

Reduce liability and paper storage

Eliminate the risk of housing bank account information and costly, labor-intensive paper trail maintenance.

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Make doing business less work

Sending and receiving business payments shouldn’t take so long, cost so much and require so much effort – and now it doesn’t have to.

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