A holistic approach to managing card fraud, compliance and risk

Assemble a unified attack on card fraud with a comprehensive toolset that’s available in two service packages. FIS® SecurLOCK™ Premium optimizes fraud detection based on intelligence from 75B transactions processed annually. It also minimizes disruption to cardholders if fraud is suspected or confirmed. Additional options include a compromised card detection tool and chargeback processing. The FIS SecurLOCK 360 package, a fully managed fraud protection program, includes all this plus financial reimbursement in the unlikely event of fraud loss.

With either option, SecurLOCK gives you the peace of mind to pursue growth initiatives free from worries about the devastating effects of card fraud.

Stop fraud on the first attempt

Our 100% real-time transactional monitoring identifies and mitigates fraud with speed and accuracy.

Empower cardholders

Two-way fraud alerts give customers an effective way to block their accounts when fraud is confirmed.

Grow your e-commerce business

Shift the focus from how to protect your institution and its cardholders to how to expand your portfolio.

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Digital Convergence and Fraud: Connecting the Dots

This report by Javelin Strategy & Research explores the risk banks are experiencing as consumers adopt new technology and social media.

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