OTC Derivatives and Valuations Services

Gain a more accurate understanding of your derivative positions


The Solution for Independent Derivatives Valuations

FIS® OTC Derivatives and Valuations Services is a web-based solution that provides independent valuation of derivatives and structured products for individual trades and holdings as well as full portfolios.

OTC Derivatives and Valuations Services gives you a more accurate understanding of the value of their derivatives positions, whatever their investment strategy. Providing a comprehensive library of independent models for OTC derivatives valuations and pricing, the service can help you assess the risk of derivatives trades and ensure that complex OTC derivatives are correctly collateralized.

How FIS Empowers Independent Valuations

Discover a comprehensive independent OTC derivatives valuations solution

Improve Transparency

Leverage wholly independent valuations to demonstrate your commitment to transparency to investors and regulators

Value an Exhaustive Range of Positions and Holdings

Access high-quality data and pricing models for a complete range of positions

Benefit from Intraday, Independent Valuation

Automatically obtain independent valuations of positions up to four times a day

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